The Kizomba Channel in Mumbai, India

📢 Hola all Kizomberas & Kizomberos, we are pleased to announce you that Latrell Shaquan the founder of “The Kizomba Channel” 🎥 will be at India Afro Latin Sensation 2019 -1st Edition to cover up the event and the growing Kizomba scene in India.
#TheKizombaChannel 💥

👉 Latrell Shaquan is the founder of “The Kizomba Channel”. With his energetic personality and catch phrases “dropping the Kizomba bomba” and “we’ll be back with more Kizomba” he’s been able to add a different flavor to the Kizomba universe.

The Kizomba Channel is motivated and inspired by the passion we have for Kizomba and the diversity that many artists, dancers, producers and fans bring to the table.
The Kizomba Channel provides videos focused primarily on Kizomba music, Kizomba dancing, Kizomba artists and Kizomba events for everybody that is interested!

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