How to travel to a Kizomba festival CHEAP

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How to travel to a Kizomba festival CHEAP

If you want to experience Kizomba to the fullest, you should visit a Kizomba festival. We do a lot of traveling to visit Kizomba festivals and you can make the trip as expensive as you want to. But in our case we love to travel as cheap as possible, not excluding comfortable. If you are like us and want to travel cheap and comfortable, here are some tips and advice that will save you money on your trip to a Kizomba festival.  

Buy your pass early and look for deals.
When you know what festival you would like to visit, buy your full pass or party pass early. In most cases you will get the pass, with a discounted price. Look for deals that include a hotel room or a 2 for 1 deal that you and your traveling buddy can take advantage of. 

Book your hotel room early and look for deals.
If the Kizomba festival does not have a hotel room deal or you don’t like the price, you can book an hotel room that is close to the festival and has a better price. We always use to find our hotel rooms. It’s very easy to use and it’s also smart to book your hotel room early because the prices rise and drop from time to time, depending on the day, the time of the year and what type of activities are taking place at that moment. Sharing a room will split the bill. Traveling with a buddy will save you money! I talk about this more in detail right here.

Book your flight early and look for deals.
You know you are traveling when you get on a plane. In this case it’s also important that you book your flight early to save money. We always use to find the cheapest tickets available. This site makes a summary of the cheapest tickets available to reach your destination. More in depth information right here.

Take the Flixbus
Countries like Germany, Belgium and France are basically around the corner when you live in the Netherlands. You can save a lot money traveling by bus. We take our busses at Flixbus. Flixbus travels to more than 20 european countries for very cheap prices. More information about Flixbus right here.

Uber taxi
When you arrive at the airport, you need to get to your hotel or the location of the Kizomba festival. In this case we love to take an Uber taxi. Uber is cheaper than your regular taxi and the price is set. When you travel with a buddy you can share the price which results in a cheaper ride. In a different country u might get lost taking public transportation and it will not take you directly to your destination. That’s why we ride with Uber. It’s also possible to make some money on the side with Uber. Get your information right here!

Rent a car
We don’t travel abroad all the time, but that does not mean we don’t have to travel some miles before we get to are destination. Sharing a car with friends can save you a lot of money. Share the gas price with each other and it’s beneficial for everyone. If you don’t have a car you can get hire a car via Snappcar or … share a car for a very nice price and you don’t have to put down a deposit. Hire and share a car with your friends and it will save all of you money.

Kizomba Guide
This is a page taken from the Kizomba Guide eBook! If you want more information like this to maximize your Kizomba journey you should read our Kizomba Guide. Get you Kizomba Guide right here!



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