From Dusk Till Dawn Dutch Kizomba Festival Report

FromDuskTillDawn Dutch Kizomba Festival

From Dusk Till dawn Dutch Kizomba festival provides us a solid DJ line up. With names like, DJ Snakes, Dj Chad, D&L Beats and Stefanio Lima you can’t go wrong with the music.

The artist Line up was also pretty Solid. Frans & Sarah definitely know their Kizomba and Semba. With Frans speaking three different languages he’s able to do a good job bringing the information across. Na passada has been in this game for 6 years. Saber and Majdouline are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Urban Kiz and internationally they are able to give a high quality workshop. I loved the Urban Kiz musicality workshop from Melina and Calvin, very informative. I recommend you follow their workshop when you get the chance! Juneline was very strong in her Ladystyling Body expressions workshop. Great quality workshop! I’ve done an interview with her and she really knows what she’s talking about.

Our favorite part of the festival was the Social Room! What an atmosphere! The DJ’s, the artist and everybody that was there, made it very fun to be there.

Like most Kizomba festivals, Saturday night was the busiest night. Fromdusktilldawn provided two areas, Area 1 for Urban kiz and Area 2 for Kizomba and Semba. Most of the action happened in Area 1 where they had a contest for best dressed lady and dancing shows.There was no shortage of Taxi dancers. Most of the time you have to deal with more women than men on the dance floor. Every time I looked around I have seen taxi dancers putting in the works. Like always we chat with the attendees and they seem to enjoy themselves very well!  

The venue did what it needed to do. A big plus is the Free parking space that is basically in front of the door.

As for the organization, they were very welcoming and professional. Once again Latin Dance Fest delivers a solid Kizomba festival and proves they are an experienced organization that knows what they are doing. Thank you for having us again to experience your Kizomba festival.



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