11 thoughts on “Top 5 Female Kizomba/Urban Kiz/Semba Dancers 2016

  1. Why so much focus on there skills to communicate in English?

    Many of the girls on the list are good dancers following a practiced choreography and dancing within there little circle of friends. Few of them would never dream of dancing socially with a guy that they never seen before or even one from there own workshops, specially true for the once in the lower part of the list…

    1. Good question and some interesting points made. To answer your question “Why so much focus on there skills to communicate in English?” We’ll The Kizomba Channel wants to bring out great quality interviews, where the one being interviewed, answers very in depth questions about Kizomba in general. Because most of these dancers don’t speak English as their first language, the quality of the interview goes down and we are not able to deliver valuable content to our followers that really would like to know more about Kizomba in general. Also the quality of the workshop goes down when the dancer is not able to communicate properly with the students.

  2. Anaïs million,cherazade,Lisa dunke, Sophie fox, isabelle, Paula, Carolina….méritées d’être dans ce classement! Mais le top 5 est top aussi bravo!

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