What is Urban Kiz?

Urban kiz
Urban Kiz is a couple dance style that is a derivative of the Kizomba dance style. That’s why the word Kiz is short for Kizomba. The word Urban is referred to the Hip hop, R&b, Rap, House genres that influence this dance style.

Kizomba originated in Angola but Urban Kiz primarily originated in France. A big reason why, is because of the popularity of Ghetto Zouk music, hip hip and R&B remixes inspiring Kizomba dancers to change their style of dancing.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the pioneers of Urban Kiz, Curtis Seldon, to explain the trademarks of the Urban Kiz dance style.

Connection is mostly made with the hands and arms. With Urban Kiz, leading is primarily done with both hands.
The space between the couple. The distance allows more footwork and tricks.
Dancing in a Straight Line. Urban Kiz has more linear movement. Kizomba has more circular movement.

With the popularity of Urban Kiz raising around the world, more and more schools are teaching the style and taking it to new heights.



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