Top 10 Kizomba, Semba, Urbankiz demonstrations 16 Oct

Check out the Kizomba channel’s top 10 demonstrations. Brought to you by SelectiveGraphics. The top 10 is based on the Youtube numbers of the Kizomba Channel and we will be monitoring which videos have the most growth every Week! So make sure to follow The Kizomba Channel for more Top 10 videos.

Send your videos to and who knows your video will be in the top 10 the next time!

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Top 10 Links:

1. Davy and Leika Demonstration

2. Tecas and Gayel – Semba dance

3. Curtis and Carola – One man can change the world

4. Guiu and Borboleta

5. Sara Lopez – Ladystyling Double touch

6. Saber and Majdouline – Cocaina

7. Saber and Majdouline rotterdam

8. Isabelle and Joy – Girl power edition

9. Vitor and Ivona ghetto zouk

10. Chamalo and Chanti – Drunk in love

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