The Kizomba Boat Series – Episode 2

The Second Episode of the Kizomba Boat Series! Meet our Kizomba Taxi Dancers The Dream Kiz and our Kizomba/Ghettozouk provider Vitor Mendes and Ivona. Check out our event on facebook!

The Kizomba Boat Series gives you insight, in what’s going to happen on 23 September 2016. We discuss Kizomba dancing, Kizomba DJ’s, Taxidancers, White outfits and off course the Abel Tasman Spido Boat. This series is produced and presented by The Kizomba Channel, make sure you subscribe because we’ll be back with some more Kizomba!

Narrator – Latrell Shaquan

Editor – Latrell Shaquan



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