White Oufit Giveaway – Kizomba Picture Contest

White Outfit Giveaway! Win a complete outfit styled by Alvin de Brabander from Brabander Fashion Industries, to wear at The Kizomba Boat: Code White Party! Yes, we’ll take the winner out shopping! Male or Female it doesn’t matter!

Entry Rules

  1. Like our Facebook page! If you have already, that’s great!
  2. Post a picture on our Facebook page that describes/means Kizomba to you with the hashtag #TheKizombaBoat!
  3. Contestant must live in the Netherlands!

The contest starts Friday 5-08-2016 and ends Sunday 14-08-2016. The winner will be declared on Monday 15-08-2016! May the most beautiful, funny, inspirational, creative etc picture win!

Picture examples!

Kizomba Inspiration

Blue sky with clouds and sun may be used as background









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